e-Commerce in Asia

Uncovering the Opportunities and Challenges of Expanding Ecommerce to Asia-Pacific

Asia-Pacific represents the fastest growing and largest market for ecommerce expansion. Faced with slowing growth rates in domestic markets, brands and retailers are looking to Asia-Pacific markets to expand and grow their businesses. However, navigating the rules and regulations, figuring out how to get there, and actually launching ecommerce in Asia-Pacific markets can be tricky.

Each country in the region comes with its own set of characteristics and rules and regulations. Therefore, it is critical that retailers and brands looking to expand to the region fully understand the challenges of entering and succeeding in Asia-Pacific markets.

In this paper, we will:

- Explore the Asia-Pac ecommerce opportunity and market characteristics

- Investigate the challenges of expanding into Asia-Pac and provide tips on how to navigate these challenges

- Provide a roadmap for success in Asia-Pac, covering expansion strategies, tactics, partner/provider considerations and best practices

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